Sunflower Sweets


Be Happy

Big Smooch Large Mylar

Birthday Candles

Chocolate Sunflower Seeds

Cold Iced Espresso with travel mug



Espresso w/MUG

Happy Birthday Rainbow Mylar

Happy Birthday Singing

Jumbo Mylar

Jumbo Mylar

Large Love Bug

Large Mylar

Large Mylar

Large Mylar

Large Mylar

Large Mylar Balloon

Large Plush

Large Plush

Lollipop 2 oz

Monkey Mylar

Pumpkin Latte

Singing Happy Birthday Bear

Smoothie with Mug

Spray Roses are Pink

Sunflower seeds Chocolates

Sunny Sunflowers

Sunrise Sunset

Thoughts of You Bouquet

True Romance

Utensils and Plates

mylar balloons

stuffed animals

box of chocolates

3 real sunflowers and 5 large sunflower shortbread cookies. These cookies are locally made and iced in white chocolate.

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As Shown - $55.95